Offlines Project

Intimate harmonizing of the songs, wordless communication with smiles and hardly noticeable gestures, made from the interplay of the performance a very intimate affair, while the entire hall was listening with held breath.”

Barka Fabiánová,, April ’15, Prague


What brings together two musicians coming from very different backgrounds, countries of residency, generations and disciplines? The Offlines project has been a connective bridge for pianist Guy Mintus and percussionist, oudist and vocalist Yinon Muallem, bringing together their shared passion to create music that is truly defies borders and genres. Their debut album on Ahenk Muzik record label exposes influences and songs from traditional Jewish music, Film music, Classical Ottoman pieces, Blues and even Prince’s favorite “Sometimes It Snows in April” while featuring a host of special guests including the legendary Erkan Ogur, vocalist Elif Caglar and Iranian Kemance master Arslan Hazreti.

The initial spark for the project came at a causal Turkish coffee meeting under the Galata Tower of Istanbul. Following that meeting came long hours at the rehearsal studio figuring out the sound of the ensemble and exploring the different possibilities of this unique instrumental combination. After self-releasing their first EP in 2014, the duo has embarked on a journey of sharing their music with audiences around the world. Willing to go beyond the conventional to carry their message, Yinon and Guy has played anywhere from house salons and subway stations to festivals and concert halls around the world. With the precision of classically trained musicians, groove of a gypsy wedding band, and creative mindset of jazz improvisation they create performances that “keep the entire hall with held breath” (Barka Fabianova,

Venues performed include Israel’s Red Sea Jazz Festival, the Kennedy Center’s Millenium Stage, The Boulder Jewish Festival, Cemal Resit Rey Concert Hall, Istanbul, the Czech Senate, Toledo Art Museum, Israeli Jazz & World Festival, Chicago, Zig Zag Jazz Club, Berlin, Piec Art, Krakow and more.

Fascinated by the mysteries power of music to connect, Yinon & Guy guest on their shows artists from almost every city they perform in. So far, collaborators have included blues guitarist Donovan Mixon, Flamenco dancer Irene Sevianes, Indian Bansuri artist Jay Gandhi and Yossi Arnheim, principal flutist for the Israeli Philharmonic. They’re very much looking forward to the journey of sharing their music as they believe that what comes from the heart goes right back directly into it.